Donation Transfer Schedule

Donation Transfer Schedule - Non-profit

We transfer your donation money twice a month: on the first & fifteenth of the month. Since we give the donors 30 to ask for refunds, we must wait 30 days before we transfer the money. However, if want your money sooner it can be done. Add a payment form to your account and we will transfer the money to you at the first opportunity we get. Meaning when we transfer the money on the first and fifteenth, we will transfer the donations you received in the previous 15 days. If a request for refund comes at any point we will not issue a refund immediately. When a donor request a refund through our website, an email requesting the refund will be sent to you and us. We will wait a week and see if you sent a refund. If you did, we are done. If not, we will issue the refund and take the money from your payment form. Note however that will charge the payment form also the fee the payment cost. For example if you have a credit card on file and the donation was for $50. Let's say we transferred $47 to you for that donation. We will charge your credit card $47 + $2.5 for credit card fee to recover the full $47. We do that in order not to be stuck with the loss of credit card fee. We think its fair.

If for any reason you remove the credit card from your account we will hold off paying you for the required 30 days.


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