Campaign Fees

The table below highlights Tormim services and costs. Please note that Tormim competitors charge up-front for special services. That means your organization bears all of the risk whether your campaign is successful or not. Tormim takes a more partnership-oriented approach by charging for special services at the end of a successful campaign. In other words, we share the risk and only get paid if your campaign is successful.

Please note: there will be no fees for creating page tabs on Facebook or any of the other social media websites. Facebook demands that we will not charge any fees for that. Therefore, there will never be any fees for creating or publishing anything on the social media website.

To determine the best membership level for your organization, we recommend you use the revenue calculator (below). It will determine what your organization would receive for a given donation at the various membership levels.

You can find a calculator below that will help calculate what would be your net income for a donation. It will help you understand better what the fees are.

Holocaust survivors are not charged any fees. Only the credit card company fees, and transfer fee charged by the banks will be charged.

Free campaign page
Free PCI compliant donation pages
Customer Service
Email only
Free connection to 4 social media websites
Free Facebook page with Contributions tab
Free tax receipts to donors from US if you have NPO status
Allowed Languages
Campaign contribution fee
Fee for contributions from contributors we bring to you
15% - 18.00% Learn more

* Fee does not include credit card which is about 2.5%. Contributions made by Visa, Master Card, Isracard credit or debit are qualifying contributions. Contributions via American Express, and Discovery credit cards have higher credit card fees.

There will be no other fees because you reached some arbitrary contribution amount. Fees for each contribution will be available in the website.

There will be no additional fees on recurring donations because you received donations above a certain amount!

Additional Services

Perk sales Page
Permanent perk page with Thank You letters in all your languages.
₪ 500
₪ 65
Receipts for perk sales page
You get receipts for for the perk sales page in all your languages.
₪ 200
₪ 40
You get receipts in all your languages. The receipt will say "for contribution to <campaign name>".
₪ 200
₪ 40
Add 'Thank You' letter
Add 'Thank You' letter. Each language costs
₪ 30
₪ 30
Donation Denominations
You determine the denominations on your donation page.
₪ 100
₪ 30
You create a survey in your account in all your languages
₪ 800
₪ 65
Translation Service
We offer translation service to help you translate pages to other languages. Uniform price per page.
₪ 150
₪ 0

Fee Calculator

Enter the donation amount and click Calculate to see what would be the estimated net income.