Campaign Services

Tormim Net was created in 2015 with the goal of also helping Israelis raise funds for good causes. The personal campaign idea is new to Israelis. It is very popular in the US and Europe and many individuals run campaigns for various causes. Such campaigns are not necessarily related to NPO's. They could be unrelated.

These campaigns are limited in time. Most campaigns run for 2 months at the most. Indie Gogo and Kick Starter has been doing it for very long time all over the world including Israel. We offer our version that allows you to create campaigns with an Israeli perspective. You reach wider audiance as we are offerring the service in 6 different langauages. We create donation pages for you to distribute among you friends and on the social networks.

Something that we do that no other crowed funding does, is to help you create a donation tab in your Facebook page that will allow Facebook users to donate to you from Facebook. We are engineers and we provide real solutions to modern day environment.

To understand better what we do with Facebook pages, take a look at this page. You can see in the page the tabs for Donations and Volunteers. Both tabs will be inserted into your Facebook page automatically with no knowledge required. You will then be able to get donations directly from Facebook users and receive volunteer applications from Facebook with no cost to you.

There is no cost to start such campaign. Tormim Net takes their fees from the donation money you get. Their fees are lower than Indie Gogo and Kickstarter and we always transfer the money to you at the end of the campaign. At Indie Gogo there is an option that could sometimes cause them to keep your money if you did not reach your campaign goal. Remember: if there are no donations, you don't pay a dime.

Please note that campaigns run through the Tormim organization which is based in USA. Amuta Tech charity which partners with Tormim Net to help Israeli charities does not get the money and have no connection to it because it is prohibited in Israel. The money will be wired to your bank/PayPal account from the USA. To learn more about how and when the money is transferred to you go to the Help menu → Donation Schedule.

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Individual Campaigners

Reach Wider Audience

  • Help starting a campaign that will be distributed also in social media websites
  • Our services include support in 6 different languages
  • The ability to offer your donors perks
  • Our solutions include raising funds in the US
  • Accessibility to your donors
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