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For most charities, technology is more of a problem than a competitive advantage. Selecting, managing, updating, and applying technology is simply not what charities do best.

Tormim Net was founded in 2015. Along with sister organizations Sigh of Relief, an Israeli charity, and the American Friends of Israel, an American 501(c)(3) charity, Tormim’s goal is to help charities in Israel use technology to do what they do best: serve their causes. We take care of the software development, hosting, donor management and promotions so our customers can accomplish more with less cost and administrative overhead.

Many charities in Israel depend on donations from supporters around the world. Given complex tax treaties between countries, taxes are often charged on donations even though they are not required. Tormim Tech manages the international transfer of funds thereby insuring the maximum donation reaches the charity in Israel.

One of our goals is to help is to provide help, and support also to small sports organizations some of which are also NPOs. Organizations that are NPOs will be able to raise funds also from UK and US and theןr donors will get receipts that are tax deductible. Organizations that are not NPOs can still raise funds in these countries but their donors will not get a tax receipt.

Please note: if you are a sports organization and non-profit it would still be better for you to register as a sports organizaion because sports organizations get a lot more free services that other non-profit do not get.

We give sports organizations the technological solutions they need. The technological problems every organization these days face in the Internet age are numerous and vast. Problems range from simple things like how to run a website, keep in touch with donors and activists, how to tell them about new projects, and also invite them to charity events, send them to donation pages and keep donation pages up to date.

Tormim Net, provides you with Internet software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. Our focus is on fundraising, website management, CRM, analytics, financial management, and ticketing. You will be able to view lists of donors, statistical data about them, Send them messages, communicate with Sales Force, download Israeli accounting files, upload updates to Facebook, & Twitter, receive donations directly from Facebook, receive volunteer applications through Facebook and LinkedIn, and much more.

You would also be able to sell tickets to games through us for free. Selling season tickets is free and would be very easy to do. You will also be able to publish you home games schedule for free and have News Ticker. You will also have a membership page through which your fans can register and pay dues.

One thing we do want you to know. We will not charge you an arm and a leg and leave you bitter. We will not demand something unreasonable like a Horaat Keva. We know that it is difficult to come by donations and you are not going to spend your donations in fees.

The services we offer, do not require payment. You can get our services without a monthly fee and obligations. If you choose to have a membership, our fees will be lower. The fees we charge will be deducted from the donations you receive before we transfer them to you.

Our website is easy to use. There are a number of companies that offer such services. Our service is more effective, broader, and most importantly cheaper.

Why is it important that American Friends of Israel and Sigh of Relief will be the buffer between you and Tormim Net? Because if Tormim Net would get your donation money, by law we have to deduct taxes before transferring the money to you. Since the donation money goes into the 2 charities bank accounts, no deductions will be made from that money other than the fees they are obliged to transfer to Tormim Net. So if you are working now with some company right now to receive donation, in all likelihood you are seeing only about 75% of the donation money you actually get. Through us, in worst case scenario, you will see at least 90% of your money. If you become a member, the fees will be a lot lower.

To understand better what we do with Facebook pages, take a look at this page. You can see in the page the tabs for Donations and Volunteers. Both tabs will be inserted into your Facebook page automatically with no knowledge required. You will then be able to get donations directly from Facebook users and receive volunteer applications from Facebook with no cost to you.

So you ask: what do you do that other companies don't? The answer is simple: we give you access to social media websites. No other company does it, not even the American companies. We are the only website that helps you build your Facebook page and put in it a Donations & Volunteers tabs. That means that if a Facebook user comes to your page and likes it, he/she can click on the Donations tab and donate to you right away. No other company does automatically and without making demands to pay them for this service. And furthermore, we advertises not only on Google but also on Facebook. They bring donors to you.

In the cost menu, you will be able to see the services we offer for free and the services that costs money. We invite you to read about them and learn more about your options. Membership is the best way to overcome the technical problems you are facing. But membership is not a prerequisite for getting our help.

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Sports Organizations

Promoting Your Organization

  • You will be able to raise funds from the general public
  • Our services include the social media websites
  • You will be able to find volunteers
  • Sell individual game tickets and season ticket for free
  • Get free fan registration forms
  • Practical solutions to your needs
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