Web Hosting Costs

The table below highlights our webhosting services and their costs. We tried to cover all your needs but if you feel you need additional services that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will try to provide you with services that gives you all you need at a reasonable price.

Phone: (072) 248-9877

Monthly Fees : ₪ 80.00

Setup : ₪ 500.00

Commitment : 12 Months

Hard disk space
Email Accounts
Customer Service
Email & phone
Website Security
Website Backups
Receive payments to PayPal account
Free tax receipts to donors from US if you have NPO status
Donors can connect through 4 social media websites

Additional Services

Add Email
Adding one email box
₪ 0
₪ 10
Add 'Thank You' letter
Add 'Thank You' letter. Each language costs
₪ 30
₪ 30
Custom donation page
You get custom donation page in all your languages
₪ 0
Event/Seminar Page
You get an event/seminar page in all your languages, & 'Thank You' letters for the page. You select denominations.
₪ 600
₪ 0
Membership Page
You get a membership page, 'Thank You' letters in all your languages. You select the denominations.
₪ 500
₪ 0
Custom Page
You get custom page, & 'Thank You' letters in all your languages. You select the denominations.
₪ 0
Receipts for donations
You get receipts for your donation page in all your languages. The receipt will say "for donation"
₪ 200
₪ 40
Donation Denominations
You determine the denominations on your donation page.
₪ 100
₪ 30
You create a survey in your account in all your languages
₪ 800
₪ 65
Translation Service
We offer translation service to help you translate pages to other languages. Uniform price per page.
₪ 150
₪ 0