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Tormim Net provides you with a practical solution to host your website. Our solution is geared towards charities but you don’t have to be a charity to be a client. We host your website and also allow you to process payments (donations). If you have a PayPal/Isracard account, the money will flow directly to your bank account and we do not charge you a penny for the transactions. If you don’t have a charge account, you can use ours and we will transfer the money to you twice a month. Our charge fees are lower than PayPal you will find that it would be cheaper for you to use our charge accounts. We will process your transactions and if you wish we will issue receipts to your clients in PDF format.

We do not limit the traffic to your website. We don;t limit the disk storage either. You will not need to know anything about programming. We will design new pages for you at a very low price. The information about your clients (donors) is completely yours and you will be able to take with you if you decide to stop using our services.
We also offer 10 free email accounts and additional email accounts at low cost. There is no limit on the email traffic but the service is not intended for bulk email spamming.

We use Microsoft technology and you will not have to worry about hackers making fraudulent payments. We catch hackers very quickly and block them.

We give you the ability to interact with social media website. We can help you receive payments (donations) on your Facebook page. You can publish a status on Facebook, and tweet from our management website. You can search for people using Google+ free of charge. We also have a WhatsApp interface to enable you to send people messages from your website.

If you represent a charity, you will be able to receive donations from the US donors and our charity in the US will issue your donors a tax deductible receipt in PDF format. If you have a charity in the US, we will issue your donors a tax deductible receipt in PDF format on your behalf.

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Web Hosting

Free Essential Services

  • Solutions for non technical people
  • We supply a simple, cost-effective way to manage your website
  • Payment processing solutions
  • Our services include the social media websites
  • 10 Free email accounts
Select the box 'Interested in Web Hosting' when you register